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natural quartz stones

Aquarium Rocks & Gem Stones for Tank Decoration

Decorate your aquarium with all natural stone
 non-toxic, aquarium & fish safe Quartz

Perfect for aquariums, aquascapes, terrariums, indoor gardens, water gardens, outdoor garden decorations, unique landscaping and decor accents. Add natural beauty to your potted plants, footpaths, garden borders, and fountains!

All natural semi-precious gemstones and various types of gravel: rough quartz stones including rose quartz, clear quartz, blue and green quartz; agate slices, zebra jasper, sodalite, crystals, and many more.

Not your normal aquarium rocks! *Note we've recently launched our brand new store site 'AquariumStones'!

fish safe aquarium rocks

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All Natural Stone Quartz for Aquariums
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Aquarium Quartz Stones
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